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Gay Travel Guides 2022 – Gay-friendly Countries

Gay Travel Guides 2022: Where to go on vacation this year? Do you have any tips for a gay-friendly destination? Is it safe to go there with my boyfriend? Husband? Rainbow family? These are just a few examples we hear from our readers, followers, friends, and family members planning an LGBTQ+ and gay-friendly vacation in 2022, understandably. Lucky us, most of the time we have a great answer ready, depending on the travel theme you and your loved ones are up for, like a beach holiday, hiking trips, outdoor adventures, city trips, gay pride travels, and more.

On this page, we are introducing you to our favorite gay travel destinations we could travel to during the past couple of years. Rest assured, we will be very open, honest, and clear about our gay-friendly experiences, gay-friendly hotels, and LGBTQ+ friendly accommodations even when our trip was sponsored or by invitation. To keep you excited about this year: We are planning to visit Whistler – 加拿大,纽约&恩达斯;美国, 维也纳 &恩达斯;奥地利、南非、纳米比亚、芝加哥和恩达斯; 美国,粉红湖节和恩达斯;奥地利南部, 柏林、德累斯顿、法兰克福和汉堡–德国和更多的国家。请继续关注我们的博客和社交媒体,获得灵感,一起前往你梦想的目的地,安全、浪漫、兴奋,或者只是你想要的方式!

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>> 同性恋旅游指数:全球同性恋友好国家 <<



计划你的同性恋友好之旅 几个男人:

《2022年同性恋旅行指南》:让我们给你一些建议。尽管度假目的地被认为是对同性恋友好和开放的,  它从来都不是百分之百安全的,异性恋,LGBTQ+,黑人,女性,或同性恋。尽管如此,每个到外国旅行的人都应该意识到文化差异,尤其是宗教差异。因此,我们的建议是:尊重当地人和与你同行的人,接受他们的生活方式,并以你希望的方式对待他们。以开放的心态和开放的心态旅行是体验世界各地新的、令人兴奋的事物的最佳方式。享受我们的同性恋旅行指南通过 couple of men‘s eyes.

If you require any further assistance about your travel plans and/ or our Gay Travel Guides, follow us and email us or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. See you around the world!

 Karl & Daan.

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